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Why I Only Buy Lush

DISCLAIMER: I don’t get sponsored or paid or anything like this. Also I don’t praise everything Lush, I also have some products I don’t like etc pp. Just wanted to get that out there. Okay, now we can get into the actual post! (Also the header pic is from, so I neither made it nor own it)

You’ve probably heard of the brand Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics.

They are 100% vegetarian and (I think) 35% vegan, also (as their brand name suggests) every product is handmade and consists of fresh ingredients.

I mostly value Lush because of the ingredients. I always know what I put on my body and it just feels better for me. You can even watch them make your products on Youtube or Instagram or their other social media pages. The best about this is: My skin improved a lot since I’ve started switching to Lush. It is/feels more balanced in general, I don’t need to use body lotion as often as I used to (my skin used to be really dry, no matter how often I moisturized), their masks and face soap helped reduce my breakouts a lot!

Also natural, fresh smells are the nicest ones! I find that the artificial smells are often too sweet or, well, artifical. I don’t want to say that all of the products smell unpleasant, there are obviously nice smelling products out there. It’s just my personal impression (and of course there are smells from Lush products that I can’t stand).

And of course I love their whole “Against Animal Testing” thing because I think harmful testing shouldn’t be done on any living being.

Lush also helps me with my Zero Waste transition. They have a lot of “naked” (package-free) products and the black pots get recycled and most of their products last a long time so in the long run you buy fewer of them (=less waste).

There are more principles in the company (e.g. the ethical buying of ingredients), but the ones mentioned above are the ones who dragged me into only buying Lush.


2 thoughts on “Why I Only Buy Lush

  1. Do you mean testing in general shouldn’t be done? Or useless testing on animals for beauty treatments? Just interested. I’m against it for useless beauty reasons, but not against human drug trials.


    1. I think testing should be done of it can actually help people, like with medications and stuff, although I also think that you could potentially test some of those medications on humans. There already are trials you can go to if you have a certain disease and they test on you there. I am not a scientist, but I guess medications still behave a little bit differently in a rats’ body than in a humans’ body; I mean the amount of blood is different and the organs are different sizes, you get what I mean.
      So I’d conclude that we should generally reduce the amount of testing on animals, but especially in the beauty industry. Hope that answers ypur question! Thanks for reading my blog x

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