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Little Semi-Motivational Thought I Had 

If you put something you really don’t want to do off and keep telling yourself: “I’ll do it tomorrow”, it won’t make you happier. One day you’ll have to do it anyways.

Would you rather be stressed and have that obnoxious thing buzz around in the back of your head? Would you rather tell yourself: I’ll be happy now and do the thing in the future (with less time and even though the thought of it stresses you out all the time inbetween?) 

Or would you rather get over it now and be happier and relieved afterwards knowing that you have one thing fewer that you worry about? 

You should just get over and be done with the thing that bothers you. It’ll make you happier in the long run.



Imagine you need to write an essay that’s due in a month. You could go ahead and write it in the first week, even though it’s not a pleasant thing to do. You would have a few days while writing where you are unhappy and where you have to put off fun things. But you would have no worries and no second thought about the essay for the rest of the month.

OR you could put the essay off and constantly think about it and feel bad when doing other things that bring you more joy/fun. In the last few days before the due date you’ll be stressed and worry that you might not finish in time.

What sounds better to you? If you chose the first you have to get your butt up now and do the thing you put off !

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